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Those of us on the actual center left are looking for taming the excesses (mostly cultural) of the far left.

But so far this series fails at making a convincing case, mainly because of its tone and choice of examples.

The tone of the series adopts the same whining and victimist tone of the far left and the far right.

In what world do "education reform groups" (ie charter school proponents) and business groups fail to have enough political influence?

One of the main reasons the far left became successful via Bernie Sanders is because it pointed out the problem with the Democratic party failing normal voters on economic issues. His agenda is one for an expanded welfare state. That aspect of his agenda is not incompatible with pro-growth policies.

Centrist Democrats are the establishment in basically all state Democratic party apparatuses. Denying this very obvious fact takes away from the credibility of this series.

If the series wants to be honest it should focus on why that establishment is so afraid of confronting the cultural excesses of the far left and how often it enables and parrots their talking points.

Keep the focus on issues like immigration, crime and the environment or risk becoming irrelevant via half truths.

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