When did you start paying attention to Massachusetts Democrats? 2016? I'm looking for reasons to add this Substack to my already-overloaded subscription list, but so far I'm not finding much. You seem so obsessed by the "Far Left" that you haven't paid much attention to the MA state legislature, especially the House, where no matter how liberal a legislator is s/he can't get anything done without playing ball with "the leadership." The leadership is, I guess, centrist, but more accurately it's cronyist. One might trace its roots to the MA Democratic Party of the 1960s and '70s, which was urban, ethnic (esp. Irish and Italian), pro-labor, and in the forefront of the fight against school busing, which was among other things racist AF. Think of liberals, progressives, and people of color as an overlay on that base.

It's long been a truism that "Massachusetts likes its Republican governors," and in general those Republican governors -- Volpe, Sargent, Weld, Romney, and Baker, among others -- have gotten along OK with the "centrist" Democratic legislature. But in the Trump era the MA GOP has gone seriously off the rails. Reportedly Charlie Baker didn't try for a third term because he couldn't have gotten through the GOP primary. This can only add to the number of people who vote Democratic and might even identify as Democrats though they would have been Republican-leaning independents in the old days.

Fwiw, I'll read another column or two before I make up my mind, but if I see "Far Left" (so styled, with initial caps) much more often, I'm going to bail.

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This article reads as confirmation bias. The politics came first and the data selected to fit the desired narrative. It’s not analysis or welcoming. No actual analysis of the battle of ideas, common ground or divergence. Also completely ignores how the GOP has drifted so far from Eisenhower, who by current standards is a raging leftist.

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