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California's Congressman Doug LaMalfa is an equally under-the-radar villain and a subsidy-sucking millionaire rice farmer who is even more unpopular with his constituents than Congressman Ken Calvert. Max Steiner, LaMalfa's Democratic opponent, is a political centrist and a combat veteran. Steiner was required by law to resign from his position as a foreign service officer before announcing his candidacy but continues to serve as a First Sergeant in the Army Reserves. VoteVets (a nominally independent entity kept on a very short leash by the Democratic Party) has endorsed Marcus Flowers (a former military contractor who has refused to provide details about his claimed military service) but has not endorsed Steiner. Please reread those last two sentences. The Democratic Party is (sadly) our only alternative to Trumpism, but it exists only to serve the interests of culturally liberal economic elites. It wants the power that come with barely winning but does not want the changes that would be demanded by its constituents it were a big tent party that won big. maxsteinerforcongress.com

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