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If the radicals say "defund the police," what do the moderates say? What is our catch phrase, what does The Welcome Party want to go viral on social media?

If Biden doesn't have his own soundbite-sized phrase or hashtag, who's fault is that?

Imagine if the debate on police overuse of violence and covering up racism lived in an Overton Window from "defund the police and refund social service agencies" on the left, to ________ that Biden and The Welcome Party say. And that — instead of complaining about each other — different folks on center-left and left have polite, showcase-democratic-debate conversations that dominate social media, crowding out the far-right hate by having two sets of ideas on the table worthy of debate.

The moderate wing is not being overrun by the left on social media, it is AWOL on messaging. Who do you go to for messaging? When you post on social media, who do you go to for cooperative efforts to get a certain hashtag to go viral?

To be honest, despite agreeing a lot with the Welcome Party, I'm not happy with this article: it's a lot of complaining. AOC is signing up new voters. AOC's wing of the party is mobilizing some of my friends, who now write letters to swing states: in my circles, in total the Bernie Sanders folks did more volunteering for Hillary Clinton in the general election than the Hillary Clinton voters, who just voted but didn't mobilize. Trying to get candidates with more fire in safe seats, while centrists take on centrist seats, seems fine to me. I don't want to support in-fighting, I want to support new ideas and better centrist messaging that doesn't compete with stronger ideals.

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